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Confirmation Name and Sponsor Information

Confirmation Name

Many people choose an additional saint’s name at Confirmation. You may also use your baptismal name, provided it is also the name of a recognized saint.

Names of saints are chosen to serve as patrons and models for those being confirmed. Names should be chosen because of the example of the Christian life of that person, not the attractiveness of the name.

The name report should include the following:
        1. Saint’s Name, Feast Day and place of birth.
        2. How did this person live and grow and become a saint.
        3. What did he/she do through his/her life.
        4. What virtues did this saint practice.
        5. What aspects of this person’s Christian live will you try to imitate and how.
        6. How is this saint a model for Christians today.


The sponsor must be have been confirmed, be over the age of 16 and a practicing Catholic in good standing in his/her parish. He or she must be able to go to their parish and obtain a letter stating that they meet these requirements.

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